Bill Rogala

Director of Sales

Bill returned from serving in the USNR during the Vietnam Era and took the opportunity to study Business Law.

Bill has had the opportunity to sign on two Television stations along with being General Manager and General Sales Manager of CBS and NBC affiliates. While working with Cox Communications he won the “Leadership of the year award” as he managed and oversaw a 6 state region. Running a day to day operation of a 12 million dollar a year entity causes one to look at ROI in a different way. Bill always tries to create a win-win-win situation. Nobody minds you making a profit as long as they feel like they received honest value from your input. After retiring from the media business he went into a consulting/sales position with companies like SLG and Q4I.

Bill has spent time in Russia, Germany and the Ukraine helping businesses bridge the gap from the USA to “New Eastern Europe” and can help you to expand your marketplace. “Don’t be afraid of “Off Shore”. There are opportunities that you can profit from as long as you look for them.

The opportunity to help a small business succeed has always been one of Bill’s goals and he has had many successes to date. Most small businesses tend to just evolve to whatever level they are currently operating at over a period of many years. There is no real process, procedure or foundation in place, no standards, just more work to be done. The employees don’t have defined responsibilities or an understanding of what or how they should be functioning. There is no direction. These and other issues are what I look forward to offering our company changing guidance and assistance.