Policies & Disclosures

Ethics Statement

US Finance, Inc. is committed to the highest standards of business integrity in its relationships with everyone. Our relationships will continuously demonstrate our commitment to business integrity by adhering to all applicable laws and avoiding possible perceptions of a conflict of interest or inappropriate conduct. Questions regarding this Statement should be brought to the attention of the President of US Finance, Inc.


Listening: our clients, partners, shareholders, and associates make us who we are, and listening to their counsel and instructions makes us strong and viable for the future.

Believing In People: the company believes that what people seek is what they think they need. Our responsibility is to try and fulfill their objective at a cost-effective price and suggest alternative solutions when they exist.

Speed to Market: we may not always be able to provide our client, partner shareholder, or associate with precisely what they are asking for, but we will give them what we can provide as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

Financial Security: safeguarding the profit stream of our company ensures our customers a competitive price backed with superior customer service while providing our associates with employment and our shareholders with a reason to continue their investment in the company.

Innovation: today's businesses are faced with challenges today that are unique. We embrace trying new things and engage in reasonable risk-taking to meet the financial requirements of our customers.

Privacy Policy

US Finance, Inc. is committed to complete integrity in all of our relationships with everyone. All personal information about our prospects and customers in our possession is given privacy, both in the way we handle individual information and the entire data warehouse of information. Information security is of extreme importance to us. We have strict provisions for the handling and guarding of information. Immediately upon learning that a record may need updating, we promptly contact that party and update the document to ensure data integrity. The President of US Finance, Inc. is the compliance officer for the company and is responsible for ensuring that the information we have is used in compliance with the law. US Finance, Inc. understands that its employees must protect data, and therefore each employee is instructed regarding our position on privacy matters. Since our customers, partners, associates, and shareholders view our processes of integrity and confidentially, it is of paramount importance that we adhere to a need-to-know basis of information disclosure in compliance with the law. The company's privacy policy is subject to future revisions.

Any reference to US Finance, Inc. or the term "we" could be US Finance, Inc. directly or a partner Private Debt Lender, which US Finance, Inc. represents and will disclose once under contract with a client.